Can dissertations be rejected?

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Overview: 8 Proposal Killers

  1. The research topic is too broad (or poorly defined)
  2. The goals, objectives and research questions are not aligned
  3. The research topic is not justified.
  4. The study has a weak theoretical basis .
  5. The research project has not been sufficiently communicated.
  6. Poor writing and sloppy presentation
  7. Poor project planning and risk management
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Research Methodology

Research methodology refers to the techniques or processes you will use to conduct your research. It allows the reader to assess the credibility of your research. Research methodology is the central area of ​​communication with your audience. It should indicate the approach you will take in the study, such as experimental techniques and analytical tools.

Each academic journal or thesis contains an article or a chapter where you must discuss the research methodology. In the research methodology, you describe your research techniques and methods and state your research objective. But if the method is flawed, it will appear that the data collected is not scientifically valid or meaningful. This will therefore affect the realism and accuracy of the document. An unwritten methodology will make the research appear flawed and could result in your research proposal being rejected.

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