Can I get an 80 in my dissertation?

When I was an undergrad, I had the privilege of tutoring political theorist Eric MacGilvray. Eric was – and I’m still sure of it – an excellent teacher. He was still moving, but in a way that seemed intentional. He often sat on a raised windowsill to listen to the students chatting among themselves. She made accessible even the oldest and most intimate texts. (The class was Classics of Social and Political Thought.) It also had a unique approach to evaluation. Instead of scoring on a scale of 100, where 94 is an A, he introduced a seven-point scale. It was actually a ten-point scale, but when he presented it to the students, he explained that seven was what they should aim for. Ten were publishable works on this scale. At their level, students were not expected to do publishable work. They had to learn. Seven was fine.

At an elite American university where too many students were aiming for perfection, the idea that you didn’t have to be perfect was liberating. This allowed the students to take in and internalize the feedback. Although we brought the seven-point scale back to US grades at the end of the semester, it opened up space for learning. I found Eric’s system brilliant.

But it turns out that wasn’t Eric’s system.

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