Can I graduate without a dissertation?

The reasons for doing a doctorate immediately after a university course are to save time and money. In effect, you will essentially complete a year of study. Another benefit of Instant Ph.D. Enrollment is project availability. If you find a project that really interests you, it is unlikely that it will still be available in a year. Therefore, if you avoid a master’s degree and apply directly for a doctorate, your chances of getting the research project before it is available will increase.

Although a master’s degree adds a year to your academic career, it can greatly contribute to your development and could help you prepare for your doctorate.

Online Schools Report Methodology for Ranking Best Non-Thesis PhD

The online PhD programs listed below were not randomly selected from a Google search. Instead, each online doctorate meets a set of criteria that we use to determine the best options for you. Our methodology includes several factors, including:

  • online program criteria
  • ancillary services
  • school criteria

4. As distance learning becomes more popular, many online universities allow you to complete your degree without thesis. However, you must choose accredited online schools with internationally recognized degrees if you want your degree to have value and credibility.

Finally, expert status can confirm your expertise and convince a thesis committee to grant you doctor status. Having several publications in reputable scientific journals and books published in your area of ​​research can be helpful in explaining that completing a doctoral dissertation project may not be necessary in your case.

Field Experience

Did you know that some graduate schools waive the thesis requirement for students who complete a field experience? If you think this is an easier option, remember that your school may require you to do 300 or more hours of supervised fieldwork after you graduate.

It may also mean that it will take you three or more years to graduate. Students who complete a thesis often complete it in two years or less. Schools that offer fieldwork instead of a thesis often require students to complete detailed records of the work they do and submit them to the department before graduation.

As a student entering primary school, you need to know which option is best for you. Some want to answer the question of whether all graduates do a thesis, because they do not like research and the idea of ​​spending long hours in the library. A non-thesis track is ideal for those who want to learn more about their chosen field and take more courses without writing a separate article. The research project option is best for those who want to create a detailed project without doing any research, while the field experience programs are best for those who don’t mind spending more time on the job. before graduation.

Save time and money

Go directly from the baccalaureate to the doctorate. Win time and money. You do not need to finance the additional years of study and enter the labor market earlier.

You can’t turn down a great opportunity and wait to see if it’s still there after your Masters. If skipping a Masters gives you the opportunity to secure a place in the Ph.D. program of your choice or an opportunity to work on your dream research project, you should take it. The same goes for funding opportunities – you should take them even if it means skipping your masters.

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