Are you a DR If you have a doctorate

The use of the title “Doctor” in front of your name is not authorized by your physical therapist license. A suitable licensing designation in the provision of physical therapy is the title “Physical Therapist” and the initials “PT”. However, the Healing Arts Recognition Act states that if a person has a college degree or an honorary degree, he may use the title conferred by that title as long as it also clearly mentions it.

If you use the title “doctor”, you must also use your bachelor’s degree in addition to your academic or honorary degree. Here are some examples of proper use: If a Jane Doe has a DPT, she may say “Dr. Jane Doe, PT, DPT” (licensing designation followed by academic designation) on her business card, advertisements, or notices. Personally, for example, when she would introduce herself to a patient, she would say something like “Hi, I’m Dr. Jane Doe and I’m her physical therapist.” Office staff should learn how to correctly refer to the PhD Physiotherapist so that first-time patients and callers know on first contact that Jane Doe is a Physiotherapist. she earned a doctorate in physical therapy.


When you want to write or refer to the name of a doctor, use Dr or PhD to indicate the doctor’s title. However, Dr comes before and PhD comes after.

Ph.D. and Ph.D.

: title and address in writing

According to the Associated Press style guide, if a reference to a title is necessary to establish a person’s qualifications, the preferred form is a brief forgotten account and instead use it as an expression like Emily Branson, who has a PhD in philosophy.

If we refer to several people with doctorates, we can go back to the abbreviation to make the content more difficult. The abbreviation would follow the person’s full name and be preceded by a comma: Emily Branson, Ph.D.; Roger Pendleton, PhD; and Len Bryant, Ph. D.

What is a Ph.D.?

PhD (sometimes considered Ph.D.) comes from the Latin word Philosophiae Doctor and means doctor of philosophy.

A doctorate can be awarded for original research in any field, not just medicine. Compared to an MD, a doctorate in the field of medicine focuses on the discovery of new knowledge rather than the application of existing knowledge.

Language proficiency

Depending on the institution to which the PhD application is submitted, a score of YDS, YÖKDİL and similar foreign language tests is expected. Institutions wishing to register their proficiency with the score obtained in these tests, generally of at least 55 points or more, sometimes find it sufficient to present a document proving that the educational process is a sub-diploma or diploma completed in the language in question.

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