Can a thesis get rejected

Your thesis plays a very important role in your life as a doctoral student, but it should not be the only important thing. I know it took you years to complete and create this thesis to present to your professorship, but a rejected thesis does not mean that your life or academic career is at stake. As a researcher, I have even been rejected on the first try, but I came back strong to the committee and got my PhD a second time.

Like me, here’s how to find out the possible reasons for your dissertation being rejected and bang back in your chair:

Why is your dissertation being rejected?

Do you know why your thesis was rejected? Did the teacher tell you exactly where improvements are needed? If so, great, because now you know where to work and how to do it right. But if he thinks he got it right and doesn’t know where he went wrong, there’s no way to make the necessary changes.

To make the process easier, we found some reasons.

Why was your thesis rejected?

However, many times the thesis is rejected and some of the reasons behind this are:

  • Non-compliance with university guidelines.
  • Not following the teacher’s instructions.
  • Negligence and ignorance and lack of understanding of the essential requirements of the thesis.


In Australia and Great Britain, students regularly contact supervisors for research papers. Prior to the first year of studies, the student will receive a doctoral thesis proposal. This is necessary because they encourage research activity. On the other hand, North American students have a post-study research paper by a committee of people called an examiner and guide.

The address is outside and within Great Britain. In Australia, the reviewers are external and if there is a dispute over plagiarism correction, the number of reviewers increases to three.

In the last year of the degree, undergraduate students have the right to present the thesis research proposal. It is in keeping with the interest and direction of the undergraduate department. The number of words is relatively less than that of graduate and doctorate. program related to the degree thesis. Generally, it is between 10,000 and 15,000 words. Here the idea of ​​independent research of the thesis is modified. The ability to learn, the ability to use different sources of information and the ability to think are points related to the doctorate. Support for the research proposal. I can see the steps involved in the research, the chapters to be included, and the research method in the research proposal writing services NO.1.

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