Can I write 4000 words in 10 hours

Last year I published about 17 books. I honestly can’t remember the exact number off the top of my head. I think part of my brain is trying to forget the mad rush of 2011. Of those books, five were on the background list (already written), there were seven co-authored (didn’t do all the work). But five of them were written in 2011. The average author writes one, maybe two novels a year. When readers and other authors hear that he writes more than twice that amount, the next thing out of his mouth is, “How do you write so many books?”

Well, today I reveal my secret to you.

What is your level of reading comprehension?

Some of us can flip through a piece and pick up all the relevant points. Others will have to read more carefully, even reread a passage several times to extract the information we need. Having good reading and comprehension skills makes writing much faster because you can “get” the facts faster and organize them better. Now you know why you had to take so many reading comprehension tests in school.

It may be easy to jump into a 1,000 word essay and write your way up to the word count, but it’s not.

Plan your essay to start with an introduction, highlight the most important points you want to make, and then wrap it all up in a conclusion to save time. Sometimes essay guides will tell you how to structure the piece, so read them carefully and extract as much information as you can use to guide the structure of your essay.

How long does it take to write 200 words?

200 words is not much. It is smaller than a page. How long will it take? For a beginning writer, this should take 40 minutes.

Usually 200 words can fit in 1 or 2 paragraphs. The average length of the home page of a website is about 200 words. Facebook posts, emails to family and friends, comments, comment threads, app descriptions, and a summary can also be around 200 words.

Step 2: Research

Spend enough time doing extensive research to understand the topic. Gather as much relevant and authentic information as possible.

Per the writing instructions, you must provide an annotated bibliography before writing to give the reader an evaluation and summary of each source.

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The second column is Number of words/hour.

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