Can I write a 12 page paper in 6 hours

If you want to write a complete research paper in a week, you should prepare everything in advance so that you can fully concentrate on writing and finish it in a week.

  1. First, think about your audience and choose a suitable magazine. This is an important step because the audience and the magazine determine the content and style of your article. For reference, select two recent articles on a similar topic published in your target magazine.
  2. Create a story for your article. What is the main message you want to convey and how will you present your products?
  3. Compile all the results you need to present your story convincingly: collect the necessary data, complete the analyses, and create figures and tables.
  4. Select and read relevant background and studies with which you want to compare your work. As you read, write down any points that come to mind that might be mentioned in the Introduction or Discussion section.
  5. Preliminary Draft – Helps you stay on track and not get sidetracked when writing individual sections.

Writing in one night

Writing a long research paper in one night is not ideal, but it is impossible. Some of the best ways to do it are by following these 5 tips:

Take those extra minutes to plan and outline your article. While it may seem like a waste of valuable time, it will help keep you on track. When you have an outline and are halfway through your paper, you won’t be lost on how to proceed. A summary will be as useful to you as a map for a trip.

Edit and revise your essay

It is important to revise your essay. You must do this before writing your final copy. This will allow you to catch spelling errors, grammatical errors, and organization errors.

When reviewing, you should take all the notes you made and include them in the final copy. You should not stop editing until you are completely satisfied with your part.


Write the checklist on how to improve your ten pages. It will help you identify all the fonts you use without confusion. Please don’t leave until you have written the article. Also, you can use dating tools to make it easier for you.

In addition, you must cite the words found in the body paragraphs of the sentences (quotation marks in the text). However, you must submit the reference list after your decision. But be sure to use the instructions your teacher gave you to format the fonts. . Conclusion: 20 minutes

  • Rewrite/edit: one hour
  • Review: one hour
  • Formatting: thirty minutes
  • – thirty minutes
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