Can MBA make you millionaire?

The richest MBA in the world? It was Michael Bloomberg who collected a fortune of $50 billion

. At Harvard Business School, he received only average grades. Embarrassed, he recalls that whoever made the cut and came to BS was impressed with his skills. Just 12 weeks before his MBA, he had no plan or idea of ​​how to turn his expensive education into his life. He didn’t even register for a single campus interview.

by Jessie Liew

In the end, we should pay for everything we invest, whether in time, cost or effort. We pay for an apple and we get an apple – that’s balance. For the price of an apple, we get an ounce of gold; we lose if we get an ounce of rice. The return value is also subjective for this exchange. Simply because we are comparing from our own narrow perspective.

Fields of study and salaries

What about ordinary people, students who have to practically start from scratch, may have to pay off their loans before they can settle down in a comfortable, worthwhile home ? does life? Which majors should they choose to “make the bank”, as they say. has compiled information on degrees that could net graduates a few million in their careers: A math degree with job titles as an operations research analyst nets an average salary of $70,000 at age 30 – Earned $8. 6 million); IT (IT Manager, $108K, $6.3M); Human Resources (hiring manager, $89,000, $5.2 million); Economics (director of investment operations, $143,000, $8.4 million); Biology (lab leader, $85,000, $5M); Engineering (electrical engineering supervisor, $92,000, $5.4 million); Marketing (Product/Brand Manager, $92,000, $5.4 M) and English (Communications Manager, $88,000, $5.2 M).

National Call of Duty Program

If you were in the Americorps, Reserves, or other programs approved by the Department of Defense and served as active duty military (15 months at that time). this writing), you may be eligible for the National Call to Service program, which includes repayment of up to $18,000 on your student loans, a $5,000 cash bonus, a monthly stipend for one year or a portion of the funds on found under the Montgomery Bill.

You must have completed your initial training and selected and served in a military specialty (MOS) designated by the Secretary of Defense. They must also perform additional active duty in the selected reserve or other program approved by the Department of Defense. Finally, you must complete another period of “compulsory service”.

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