Do CEOs have free time?

We all have the same 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Why do some people seem to be more successful than others? As you’ll learn today from a landmark 12-year study by Harvard Business Review, it all boils down to one word: determination.

We know by nature that a CEO’s schedule is busy. The schedules of CEOs are extremely demanding – they must always manage the commitments they have made – to investors, customers, employees, their families and the goals they have set for themselves – personally and professionally.

Breaking the 9 to 5 hour myth for CEOs

Many CEOs only work 8 hours. And that is understandable. It takes a lot to run a business. Elon Musk has often talked about his busy work schedule. Many other top entrepreneurs have also shared how difficult it is for them to find time for anything other than work.

Time management guide for time-poor executives

Time management is perhaps the most important tool of the executive. C-level leaders are bombarded with texts, calls, emails, meetings, charities, news, board members, employees, other leaders, their own health, their personal commitments and business management, among other things.

But what exactly is the definition of time management? Time management is the process of planning and organizing the projects and activities that you and your team need to do to complete those projects. Leaders who master time management stay on top of their work and personal lives so they can achieve more by working smarter.

Not being time-managed is the same as being time-managed. As Peter Drucker once said, “You cannot rent, lease, buy or otherwise make more time. Time management will bring immediate benefits to leaders. A leader who manages his time can prioritize the things that need to be done so that they don’t feel overwhelmed. Time management ensures that managers are not bogged down. Creating a spreadsheet manager may take less time, but their time is better spent on higher-level tasks. And time management can help leaders better control company time—once leaders get a handle on their own time, they can see where their teams are unnecessarily slow.

Marissa Mayer – Former CEO of Yahoo and co-founder of Sunshine Contacts

Mayer claimed that she worked 130 hours a week during her tenure as CEO.

She is famous for working from her hospital bed shortly after the birth of her twins in 2015.

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