Does PhD affect salary?

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Conclusion: is it worth a doctorate?

To be honest, there is no general answer to this question, especially since a doctorate often comes with many non-financial benefits.

The numbers really don’t lie – a research degree will definitely set you apart from the competition. And yes, you are likely to be seen as a valuable asset whose expertise can make a significant contribution.

The pros and cons of getting a PhD

When I have to make a tough decision, I like to write a list of pros and cons. So let’s start by breaking down the pros and cons of promotion.

Although I tried to be objective, keep in mind that I am doing my PhD and I really enjoyed my project!

These lists are definitely not exhaustive, so be sure to let me know if you think of anything else to add!

2005 salary data compared to 2009 salary data

The value of a doctorate in 2009 is almost the same as in 2005.

As a control To assess additional stability the value of Ph.D ., I also looked at data from the 2005 salary survey. Admittedly, in a different economic environment in 2005 than in 2009, the estimates are remarkably similar. The 2005 regression equation is as follows:

Comparative table of annual minimum salaries (before tax) of doctoral students in Europe

The average salary of a doctoral student in Europe is approximately €3,500 per the years. month. The number in this table includes all different fields, not just science or engineering. There are also maximum salaries for doctoral scholarships and funded positions.

The average salary of a doctoral student in Europe varies according to countries and universities. The highest average salary was found in Denmark at €49,802 per year and the lowest in Ireland at €16,000 per year.

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