How do PhD students make money?

The motivation for part-time work during doctoral studies is to compensate for the lacks available at the university: money (mainly) and enriching experiences.

Your doctorate should be a full-time job (or more) during your graduate studies or to continue your studies as a postdoc. Research is life, right? Unfortunately, the jobs don’t pay as well as a regular full-time job.

Independent Textbook Publisher

Many textbook publishers hire “subject matter experts” to write their textbooks. You are a subject matter expert! Ask around and see if any of your colleagues have done this work. Alternatively, at your next conference, find some of the best textbook publishers in your field and ask them for commissions.

Research local libraries and community colleges in your area that offer courses. What can you teach that these places want to offer their students? Their classes often feel like a 100-level introductory class, so it’s a good experience.

Teach at your university

It is not uncommon for PhD students to have teaching or demonstration hours during their PhD to earn money and gain experience at their university or institution original research. Primary graduate student responsibilities include conducting undergraduate seminars, scoring assessments, and providing demonstrations or laboratory supervision. In some cases, graduate students may work as Teaching Assistants (TAs), taking on a more administrative role, being responsible for scheduling, teaching, email and grading. Our recommendation is that you ask your manager about matters, at least they know who to refer to.

Another way to increase your sales is to work as a tutor. In many cases, students, parents and individuals need support to learn and prepare for exams.

This is usually a good opportunity for you, as a researcher on a particular topic, to leverage your niche and find clients that you are willing to pay to teach them. Here are some of the platforms that can help you:

Match Bets

The Citizen Card! In short, match betting means taking advantage of sports betting and casino game promotions: changing the odds in your favor and dramatically increasing your chances of winning regularly. You may have seen some cheesy ads about it, but rest assured that you can make a decent amount of money from your bedroom. I accept a personalized betting service* that makes it easy to find and take advantage of offers.

A typical bid will set you back £20 for 20-30 minutes of work, some bids will be much more effective and some less. There are some easy signup offers to get you started that have made me a quick profit of around £1000. After these signature offers, there are usually recurring offers for existing customers as well.

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Ok, I hear all these people saying you should pursue a PhD as a job.

If so, you should save for your retirement. I think you won’t have the extra money to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars, just open a retirement account and learn how to use it. Set your account to automatically withdraw and invest $20 per month, for example. Find out why your friend has compounded interest. Basically, start establishing the building patterns and growing wealth that will serve you for the rest of your life.

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