How fast can you say 2000 words

For anyone who has to give a speech, one of the first questions that usually comes to mind is, “How many words will it be?” The problem is that there is no fixed answer to this question. The number of words needed for a speech largely depends on the person delivering it.

Some people speak slowly when giving a speech while others speak fast. Fast talkers have to write more words per minute of their speech than slower talkers. With that said, there are some general guidelines that can help you make an informed estimate of how many words a speech will require.

Why Google loves long content

The more they like long content, the longer your content, the more likely it is to answer someone’s question. When someone types into Google, “how to run faster”, Google wants to show them the best answer to that question. So if they had to choose between showing “The 7 Ways to Run Faster” or “The 24 Ways to Run Faster”, they would probably show all 24 of the 7 ways.

What do you know. In order of position, the top list post is 24 lanes, then 23 lanes, then bottom 7 lanes. Another reason why longer blog posts perform better than shorter ones is that Google analyzes how long visitors stay on a web page before leaving.

Free + free = combination of parts that are words in themselves

In the first category, where each part of a compound is also a word in itself, it is very simple, since the meaning of the characters involved are usually easy to find in standard dictionaries. You may also have learned them as stand-alone words before finding them in a single form, which means you only have to learn the additional meaning when they are combined.

From a memory point of view, it is also an easy category because the words here fit easily into memory.

It’s not difficult to create strong images for words that stand alone, or at least easier than for characters that have no independent meanings or only have grammatical functions. I wrote more about how to collect specific images to easily remember them here:

How fast am I typing?

Typing speed test is an easy way to check your words every minute. Find your typing speed with free tests from With just a one-minute typing test or a five-minute typing test, you can easily know your WPM score for free. Once you know your score, you can get free typing lessons to practice and improve your typing skills.

Like most skills, it all comes down to practice. With each lesson completed, you’ll build muscle memory in all of your fingers. By practicing using all 10 fingers in the correct places to press the keys, you can train them to memorize them on their own.

The 4x strategy for writing a 2000 word article

Create four times what you originally planned to write. On average, two thousand words are needed. In fact, it must be understood that the legitimacy of the use of this strategy depends on the subject.

Then, divide this text into small fragments classified by subheadings. Use Google Docs or your word processor and enter your keywords with changes to search.

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