How fast can you write a Masters thesis

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Divide your thesis into descriptive phases

Writing a thesis is a process with well-defined phases

The details of each phase will vary slightly depending on your field, but for most For dissertation writers, the steps are first, gather ideas, second, edit and analyze data, and third, polish.

Writing the abstract

It is preferable to leave the abstract for the end in order to summarize your research exhaustively. Like the rest of the thesis, it should have an introduction even for the abstract. It is probably the first thing your reader will encounter. The first few lines should be understandable to everyone, not just your colleagues and experts in your field, once you’ve provided the context for your research.

Continue to identify the problem by emphasizing the gap in the literature and what your research is trying to address. Explain the methods you used to find the results and end the summary with a clear and concise conclusion. Please indicate the main findings of your research that you want your reviewers to know about.

Set your “thesis time”

Do not turn off the alarm 10 times and you will finally arrive at the office at noon.

In the first months of a thesis, many students think they have enough time.

Then, for the past few months, they’ve been working like zombies because they don’t get enough sleep trying to get everything done on time (me neither!). One lesson I’ve learned in the last 6 months is that managing your dissertation time professionally will make your life so much easier later on. If you resume your thesis from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, pick it up as usual. Don’t go off the alarm 10 times and finally make it to the office at noon. Work productively during your thesis hour, and after that, give yourself free time to do whatever you want, whether it’s hanging out with friends, practicing a little fun, or being as lazy as you like.

Write section by section

Two weeks is a limited time to write a thesis quickly. Therefore, you need to lay the groundwork soon after the investigation to complete the project on time. Introduce each section and title of the assignment, beginning with the question, followed by the objectives, and then the format.

The format of your thesis must be as follows, in exactly the following order:

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