How fast do most people write

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This is my weekly “writing about writing” issue, where I travel the world looking for websites, books and articles to help other writers . Today I’m going to talk about a blog post about the typing speed of romance writers…

Is 65 wpm good?

Whether for data entry or transcription work, you need precision and speed. With your average range between 65 and 90 words per minute, you are already fully qualified for all kinds of jobs, as they require an average typing speed of 65 words per minute.

Is it okay to write at 15 words per minute? That’s better than 21.93% of all our users. Typing is all about muscle memory, so the more you type, the faster you get.

Why some writers are much faster than others

There are many reasons why some writers write many more words per hour than others (more than the obvious “some writers post a lot”) . What you write and how you write can make a big difference.

I think we might accept it because poetry takes much longer to write, word for word, than prose. A poet could easily spend a whole day composing a sonnet: 14 lines or about 100 words. With poetry, every word must be correct.

A great poem can be read over and over again, in a way that a novel cannot.

Explain how to clear writer’s block

Writers gain experience with writer’s block for a number of reasons, one of which is not describing it or clearing it by having a poorly written synopsis. If your outline is well organized and developed with all the ideas, chapters, and sections flowing in a logical order, writer’s block is unlikely to be a problem.

When you have to stop to think about what’s next, you’re no longer in writing mode. Instead, we get confused, frustrated, and then go into investigative mode. “I know I can get away with it if I look up…” You start to do something other than write. The next time you hit a wall, check how your shot is going. Review what you need and keep moving forward. Be sure to do as much research as possible before starting your first draft.

Three handwriting areas

The three handwriting areas are only found when there is a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. The proportions of the three zones determine the balance between the three main domains of personal development:

  1. The intellectual and spiritual domain (Higher Zone)
  2. The daily social self and daily concerns (middle zone)
  3. instinctive impulses/unconscious material (lower zone)

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