How hard is it to write a thesis

Writing a thesis is like a frantic race towards the end of a long marathon: it boosts your well-deserved pace. In theory, at least. Because in practice, it turns out that a thesis is often a stumbling block for students. Sometimes students have no idea what is expected of them, and it is increasingly common for them to seek (paid) help from a thesis agency.

Why do students have these problems with the final thesis? Amos van Gelderen, professor of languages ​​at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, notes two things. First, degree programs don’t just teach their students how to write a thesis. After more than three years, all you have to do is start writing it. In addition, the requirements for theses established by the programs are often vague and abstract.

Divide your thesis into descriptive phases

Writing a thesis is a process with well-defined phases

The details of each phase will vary slightly depending on your field, but for most For dissertation writers, the steps are first, gather ideas, second, edit and analyze data, and third, polish.

Decorate your thesis corner

I believe that if your work environment is stimulating and relaxed, people’s productivity will increase.

I believe that if the work environment is stimulating and relaxed, people’s productivity will increase. If you are getting a personal desk in an office, decorate the office in your favorite style. For example, I had a small cactus, an inspirational quote, a photo of my idol from the thesis theme, colored light pens, and chocolate supplies. I loved working in this little place. When I felt tired, watering the cacti and looking around would improve my mood. If you don’t have your own office, just find a place you like. This can be at home, in a coffee shop, or at a computer desk with a good view of the library. You know best, so don’t choose a nice home if you know a refrigerator or comfortable bed will soon distract you.

Using additions in judgment

When to use additions: Additions is the plural form of additions, which means something added to something else.

For example,

Thesis Template

You can also download our full thesis template below in the format of your choice. Our template includes a ready-to-use table of contents, along with instructions on the content of each chapter. It’s easy to do yourself and will help you get started.

Download Word template Download Google Docs template

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