How is life after MBA?

Life after the MBA in Financial Management is the application of the knowledge and skills acquired during the specialization. This includes the accounting and financial management of the business to achieve specific financial targets. By the end of the course, the student will have in-depth knowledge of asset management, pricing, financial planning, and risk management, among others. One can spend life after an MBA in Finance in the following main profiles:

  • Investment Banker: An investment banker raises capital by issuing securities. It could be debt or equity. He/she can perform several financial activities for the client. The average salary of an investment banker in India is around 10 lacs per annum. In Canada it is 85,000 Canadian dollars, in the United States it is 76,763 dollars per year.

The ultimate guide to career opportunities with an MBA

Earning an MBA can open up job opportunities in almost any industry, from finance to logistics. However, a job is not a given after graduation. Before completing their program, students should ensure that their academic curriculum is aligned with their future professional interests. The following guide covers career paths for MBAs, includes an interview with a recent MBA grad who got a job, and offers resume tips to maximize your chances of getting a job after graduation.

We asked 383 MBA students about the cost of their degree and their life after their MBA. Here’s what we found out about annual earnings before and after graduation.

You will start to discover more about the things that really interest you. No matter how strong your pre-business school experience is, there are many things you haven’t experienced before. If you play your cards right at school, you can discover new ideas, new fields and new interests.

Imagine that one day you have a conversation with a colleague who has a marketing background and you come across something that really interests you. You think marketing is exciting for you, but your entire career was as a real estate agent before you got your MBA. The beauty is that while you are at B-School, when you find a new area that you love, you can easily set yourself up for transitions that would otherwise be extremely difficult or overwhelming. otherwise optimistic (more on that later).

But what about my credits?

If you completed a two-year MBA program at a business high school and took out student loans, you may have between $80,000 and over $100,000 in student loan debt.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth your hard-earned degree financially. B-School graduates who attended Harvard, Stanford, or the University of Chicago have debt between $86,000 and $116,000; the average salary is about $161,000. That said, even with a high salary, college credits can be great.

Long hours

Some of the highest prospects come with big salaries. The standard 9 to 5 is what employees of investment banking companies or management consulting companies do on their days off!

How many hours do you think an MBA usually invests? Although the average employee works the standard 40 hour week, research from Transparent Career shows that MBA graduates work almost 8 days a week at some of the big consulting and IB firms.

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