How long is usually a thesis

Writing a good and effective thesis statement is an important skill for students and researchers to acquire. Although everyone agrees that research reports should be concise, there seems to be little guidance as to the optimal length. So how long should a thesis statement be? Well, that depends… is the boring but correct answer.

To get to the question, let’s separate the following:


  1. How long is a thesis statement and where should it be?
  2. How long can and can’t be a thesis statement?
  3. How long should a thesis be for a high school student?
  4. How many sentences are there in a thesis statement?
  5. How long should a thesis last?
  6. What is the expected duration of a thesis for a high school essay?
  7. How long are thesis statements for college essays?
  8. How long is a standard thesis statement for professional research papers?
  9. How long should a thesis be?

How long is a dissertation that concludes many things and raises several questions such as how many words should a thesis statement have? It should not be too long, thirty to forty words maximum. In general, your thesis statement should reflect your knowledge and the scope of the essay you are writing. Whether you are writing an analytical research paper or an essay, the introduction part should include the thesis statement. Your thesis should be at the beginning of the article, preferably in the first paragraph.

Why is a thesis statement so important?

As you can see, this part of your essay is crucial to engaging your audience and giving them a brief overview of your arguments. A thesis statement is the main part of your essay that contains the main idea, arguments, and purpose of your text. Typically, a thesis statement is placed at the beginning of your article at the end of the introductory section. This means that you can provide the reader with relevant background information in the introduction, ending with an effective thesis statement and grabbing their attention.

Also, a well-written thesis statement allows you to highlight the main idea of ​​your article by clearly explaining your main points. Therefore, it also guides the writer in his work, supporting him throughout the writing process. Naturally, a clear and well defined idea is very important to write an excellent article.

Analysis of 1,000 doctoral theses

Over a three-year period, Dr Ian Brailsford, then a postgraduate studies adviser at the University of Auckland, analyzed 1,000 doctoral theses submitted to his library university. The doctoral theses that served as the basis for their analysis were produced between 2008 and 2017 and showed:

  • Average number of pages = 204
  • Average number of pages = 198
  • tixag_14) Average number of chapters = 7.6

Paragraph length in a novel or storybook

In the case of a novel or storybook, a paragraph can contain words of one hundred lines. Like a writer who begins a paragraph with: wait, then another begins, here that word “wait” refers to a single paragraph.

Again, in novels or storybooks, not all paragraphs should be the same length. In general, all these types of writing are combined with short and long paragraphs, because in novels or storybooks the length of the paragraphs can be arbitrary. There are one-word sentences that can make a whole paragraph if they are not followed by another sentence.

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