How many classes do PhD students take?

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Final Thoughts

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I hope you find this article on graduate class sizes helpful.

I wish I had this information when I started my graduate program.

Few people have an honest and open discussion about what graduate school really is. Graduate school has its ups and downs, and people talk about how awful grad school is or how great it is (especially if you go to the course websites).

I want to point out that graduate school is a personal journey of discovery. If you don’t like a particular course or course, consider developing one yourself. If there is a course that doesn’t exist, you can ask a teacher to help you create your own course. Being in college and university is very entrepreneurial and you have to make the most of your career. You must be your own lawyer. If your school does not offer a course or the class size is too small, find another school that offers this course. I know several people who have driven several hours to attend a particular method class. I wanted to get teaching experience, so I give up 2 hours (one law) every week to teach at a nearby university. It is up to you to create your own life.

Evening classes

Many master’s programs offer evening classes once a week to give full-time employees the opportunity to attend classes after work.

If you work unusual hours, you will likely need to adjust your hours to fit your class schedule each semester or choose a flexible, fully online program that fits your schedule.

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