How many hours PhD students study?

The logic of this myth seems inescapable and difficult to resist. It seems clear that the more time you spend on something, the more work you get. Mathematically, this seems logical.

The problem is that people are living beings and this variable makes the numbers very complicated. Research has shown that every hour a person over 35 hours a week pays less – you get much less at 45 hours and then at 35 hours. In fact, when you tired, the fact is that you are more If you are. you are prone to make mistakes or miss important topics, your research may get lost when you work long hours.

How long does a part-time doctorate last?

In the UK, a part-time PhD usually takes 6-7 years; twice as long as a full-time PhD. The reason for this is that you would spend around 20 hours a week on your PhD as a part-time postgraduate student, compared to the 40 hours that full-time students would invest in their subject.

The distance doctorate also lasts on average between 6 and 7 years. In fact, the vast majority of students who pursue distance education do so because they cannot get closer to the university. Although these commitments vary, they often mean that the student is unable to devote 40 hours per week to their studies.

Working during doctoral studies requires time management

Are you organized and reliable when it comes to deadlines? If you plan to work full-time during your doctorate, you must be able to practice time management.

Otherwise, you will be trying harder than necessary to keep track of everything you have to do. The Australian Christian College has published an article on important time management skills for students. These include goal setting, prioritisation, organization and stress management. Do you already have habits that encourage these behaviors? Otherwise, you’ll probably want to work on it before you put too much on your plate. If you’re already good at managing your time and avoiding burnout, doing a PhD and full-time employment will be less stressful, meaning you’ll be more likely to complete your studies part-time.

It’s easier to work full time and earn a PhD when you can discuss your situation with your boss.

Competitions and scholarships

Although many doctoral students do not consider these income opportunities, there are still university competitions, startup hackathons and events where scholarships can be won. In many cases, private companies looking to hire employees, universities looking to engage their students, or startup organizers looking to bring people together to tackle existing challenges offer cash prizes offer to attract more participants. It’s a great opportunity not only to meet people, but also to have fun. Here is a list of competitions that may interest you: Student competitions

Parallel work is not surprising. However, there is often the opportunity to do something completely different during the PhD than what you are doing now. It’s a great way to be creative, connect with people, or even work on your sales skills. If you are looking for a part-time job, please do not hesitate to email us at:

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