Is 100 pages an hour a lot

Many people ask how long it takes to read 100 pages. Of course, it depends on the person and the book, but we can estimate that there are around 250 words per page.

Assuming an average reading speed of 300 words per minute, it would take about 5 minutes to read one page of text. That means it would take around 20 minutes to complete a chapter in a typical novel or around 2.8 hours for 100 pages.

How long does it take to read a page?

Most statisticians estimate that there are about 300 words on a page. Considering that an average reader can skim around 300 words in a minute, the short answer is obviously that an average page takes around 1 minute to read.

The type of book the page comes from can greatly affect the time it takes to read that page. In addition to this, the reader plays a very important role in the time spent reading a page that can vary from less than a minute to more than two depending on the level of training of the person. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to skim through written information of any kind, and the quicker you’ll understand what you’re reading.

My test

To make the article more detailed, I wanted to do the test myself and calculate the reading speed. I read a page of a book and counted the words on that page. I then compared my data to the general available data to see how close it was. Here are the results.

It took me 1 minute and 26 seconds to read 400 words (~390). The average speed is 1 minute 40 seconds to complete 500 words. Therefore, the average ratings were pretty accurate.

The book I read was Sandeep Jauhar’s Heart by Penguin Publication. If you want to do the same test, I read page number 132, the second page of chapter 8.

Reflecting on your actions

I have a terrible tendency to procrastinate. If I end up on YouTube and watch a video, it can quickly go up to ten. Before I knew it, an hour had passed while I was being dragged down the YouTube algorithm rabbit hole.

I like to listen to music when I work. For some reason, it helps me focus and work better. Silence does not suit me. I used to use YouTube to play music, but I realized it was affecting my streaming because I was going back and forth between my work and changing the length of the song.


This reading mode seeks to find relevant information in a text. Browsing an article does not require full immersion in the text. Deep understanding is also not what digitization hopes to achieve. Digitization is the identification of important facts and points in a text.

When scanning, the focus is not on parsing the grammatical structures of the article. Usually, in scan mode, it reads texts and searches for unknown words so that it is relatively easy to read the text in detail after translating. This reading method is also called diagonal reading.

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