Is 3000 words in a day a lot

The number of hours you need to complete a 3000 word writing task depends on more than just the number of words. These are some of the determining factors:

1. The amount of work to be done.

How many pages are there…

The following list is an estimate and actual pages will vary based on various factors mentioned earlier in this article. Please use the following information as a general reference, but do not assume it will always be true. Here’s a basic word-to-page conversion:

  • A single-spaced page contains 500 words, 2 double-spaced pages.
  • 2 single-spaced pages 4 double-spaced pages contain 1000 words.
  • 3 single-spaced pages, 6 double-spaced pages contain 1500 words.
  • 4 single-spaced pages, 8 double-spaced pages contain 2000 words.
  • 5 single-spaced pages, 10 double-spaced pages contain 2500 words.
  • There are 3,000 words in 6 single-spaced pages, 12 double-spaced pages.
  • 8 single-spaced pages, 16 double-spaced pages contain 4000 words.
  • There are 5000 words in 10 single-spaced pages, 20 double-spaced pages.
  • 15 single-spaced pages, 30 double-spaced pages contain 7500 words.
  • 20 single-spaced pages, 40 double-spaced pages contain 10,000 words.
  • 40 single-spaced pages, 80 double-spaced pages contain 20,000 words.
  • 50 single-spaced pages, 100 double-spaced pages contain 25,000 words.
  • 60 single-spaced pages, 120 double-spaced pages contain 30,000 words.
  • 80 single-spaced pages, 160 double-spaced pages contain 40,000 words.
  • 100 single-spaced pages, 200 double-spaced pages contain 50,000 words.
  • 120 single-spaced pages, 240 double-spaced pages contain 60,000 words.
  • 140 single-spaced pages, 280 double-spaced pages contain 70,000 words.
  • 150 single-spaced pages, 300 double-spaced pages contain 75,000 words.
  • 160 single-spaced pages, 320 double-spaced pages contain 80,000 words.
  • 180 single-spaced pages, 360 double-spaced pages is 90,000 words.
  • 100,000 words correspond to 200 single-spaced pages, 400 double-spaced pages.

: Écoutez de la musique pour vous aider à vous concentrer

Certains écrivains aiment travailler en silence, mais d’autres écoutent de la musique pendant une partie ou la totalité du temps qu ‘they write. Many people find that good music can help them get into the flow of writing.

It’s up to you what you listen to: I recommend choosing an artist (or even a specific album) that you already know, so that the music sounds like background information and not something of additional concern.

Exotic Fonts

If you want to test your limits, try a more exotic font like Calibri or Verdana. However, you should consult your teacher’s guidelines before choosing a font that is too difficult to read

Using 12 point Arial or Times New Roman, a single Word document will be approximately 6 pages. Double spaced gives 12 pages. You should expect a comparable number of pages with normal margins, regardless of your word processor and settings. We’ll talk more about reach and margins below.

Step 3: Improve your typing and typing speed

Are you typing fast enough? Could you type faster?

My typing speed is around 65-75 wpm. The average person types around 40 words per minute.

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