Is 8 references enough for a 1500 word essay

Ultimately, your essay will be judged based on the information you present, not the number of paragraphs in the essay. Early in your college life, professors and professors can give you a structure for your essay and guidelines for the length of each part of the essay. J’ai vu des guides de dissertation dire combien de points sont atribués pour chaque section, et mon astuce consists à prendre le nombre total de mots et à le diviser par un pourcentage de mots pour chaque section en fonction du pourcentage de points que vous obtenez that’s why. After all, if the teacher awards 80 marks for the content as a whole and you see that 50% of the grade relates to a specific part of the essay, 50% of the words in the essay should be devoted to this section. . .

Sometimes you will be offered a topic and asked to express your opinion. It gives you more freedom, but it’s a bit more difficult. Research will show you how many angles to look at and help you find information that supports and contradicts your opinion. To make a strong argument, you need to look at both supporting and counter information.

How to use the Harvard reference generator?

Harvard Citation Generator is a computer application that automatically generates Harvard-style citations. Adds the correct punctuation and format required by Harvard citation style to relevant details about a source, often important information such as author names, article titles, publication dates, and URLs.

Here’s how to use the Harvard citation generator:

Old citations

Sources published many years ago can make only a limited contribution to the specification. In some cases, the guidelines will state that all sources must be within the last 5 or 10 years, but where there are no guidelines, it may not be prudent to use multiple prior references. References to

original and even planned articles are accepted. However, it appears that no additional backreferences will be needed and will not add any significant content.

The number of cited references may also depend on the type of task assigned. A literature review article requires the largest number of references, with all the ideas cited, as well as any subsequent extensions or contradictions of theories. Since the purpose of a literature review is to identify and report a variety of ideas found in various reliable sources, a literature review, or the literature review section of a dissertation, will have the highest reference level. An argumentative essay needs references to support the first ideas presented. However, since the purpose of an argumentative essay is to analyze and critique the ideas presented, with a discussion of different aspects of an argument, fewer sources are needed compared to a literature review, with a higher proportion of content made up of thought.

original. and discussion A personal essay may not require references. The essay score can also affect the number of suggested references. For example, graduate students are generally expected to provide more citations supporting more in-depth research than undergraduate students.

Article length

The length of an article plays an important role in the number of sources to cite and cite. Les articles plus longs are fortement cités par rapport aux plus courts de 10% plus d’un essai, ce qui augmente les citations et les citations dans un essai d’environ 1.8% après avoir pris en compte all aspects d’ a test.

Longer essays seem to be better cited because they contain many different ideas and data. Essays should cite more references because they contain a variety of arguments that support and contextualize multiple ideas. A long reference like this makes an essay visible and encourages many people to read and cite it too.

Parameter 2: The type of question

The second parameter to take into account is the type of question you are dealing with. There are two main distinctions to be made here: First, the question is primarily about a specific theory or topic. More theory questions usually require less reading. For example, you could ask about a certain concept of a certain author, for example, Foucault’s concept of power/knowledge, or Mead’s idea of ​​the Self. Instead of examining several different points of view, this type of essay question forces you to engage in detail with the point of view of a single author. This means that there is less emphasis on reading breadth (expressed by a greater number of readings). However, that doesn’t necessarily make things easier, as the focus is more on reading depth. You need to fully commit to this text, more than you otherwise would. And even if the focus is on one author’s theory, depending on that author’s desire, you will still want to consult additional literature and see how other authors have explained and contextualized that particular theory.

If the essay question deals with a specific topic, such as globalization, gender inequality or social class, the focus is usually more on reading scope and awareness of different perspectives and interpretations. This tends to generate more bookmarks.

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