Is it better to get job or MBA?

We are pleased to announce that interview invitations were emailed to Round 1 applicants today! If invited, you will participate in a team discussion (to be decided) and an individual interview. The admissions team looks forward to meeting many of you in person and getting to know you beyond your application.

The Wharton TBD is a unique part of our admissions process that helps provide a clearer picture of who you are and how you might fit into the Class of 2025. The TBD models the collaborative nature of the Wharton MBA environment to identify the characteristics we believe contribute to the success of our students. More information about the interview can be found here.

Expected Timeline

While some programs last two years, accelerated options are to be completed in one year. Also, programs from online schools like People’s University only allow you to take one course per semester if you want to study part-time alongside work. If you can complete the program full-time, you can complete it within six semesters or just over a year.

On average, MBA programs in the United States cost about $50,000 per year, although they vary widely by location, online or offline, and private or public institutions.

The best way to budget and estimate costs is to visit the website of the university of your choice, as most will provide cost estimates and ways to get financial aid.

Which program (MS or MBA) is more valuable in the following countries?

United States:

Generally, people with less than 2-3 years of experience choose MS programs while people with more experience and higher budgets choose MBA . A master’s degree in the USA is a much better choice than an MBA program because of the comprehensive study structure and the huge career prospects.

Increase your chances of getting into the MBA program of your choice.

Along with your academic record, GMAT scores, outside work, and personal accomplishments, prior work experience is an important variable in improving your chances of being accepted into an MBA program. Without them, your academic performance and maturity level will be under more scrutiny. Although not always necessary, work experience provides an additional opportunity to demonstrate a sense of responsibility, business acumen and progress, increasing your chances of being hired.

If your bachelor’s degree doesn’t really reflect your skills, work experience can help improve your application score. It also gives you the opportunity to submit a letter of recommendation from a colleague or manager who may appeal to your business ability.

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