Is it OK to have a quote in your thesis

Theses have two objectives. They are the final works of the doctoral students, the last stage before obtaining the title, in which these people can demonstrate their knowledge of their specific areas of interest and their ability to solve problems in their areas of identification and recommendation. Theses are simultaneously the transition from students to contributors in their fields by engaging in original research and contributing to the body of knowledge.

When writing theses, authors must demonstrate their in-depth understanding of their specific areas of study. One way to demonstrate understanding is to use values ​​taken from previously written work in your field or related fields. However, reuse or misuse of values ​​can have the opposite effect, indicating a lack of understanding. Therefore, authors should use citations with caution.

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Citation included

It is essential that each essay has an interesting introduction that engages the reader and makes them want to continue reading the essay. There are many ways to use a conclusion to create an introduction to an essay, but there are times when an author must begin an essay with a quote. Thus, it forces the writer to choose the most fit-for-purpose quote and place it in his article in a way that brings it to life and clear understanding.

There are some important things to consider when choosing the best citation to start your article. The obvious thing to do is to avoid common quotes, those that are overused and easily seen as clichés. This is largely because readers will always expect something beyond the obvious. However, if it is very relevant and there is no other option, they can be used. In this case, you can make some changes to the values ​​to make them different and more attractive. For example, you can take a decision as a question, introduce contradictions into the original version of the quote and try to discredit it, or perhaps do a word analysis used in the quote to highlight the hidden meaning.

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