Can I do PhD with non thesis Masters?

Full-time doctoral programs in the United States last a few years longer than in other countries. Source: Roslan Rahman/AFP

It goes without saying that a good academic reputation will go a long way in getting you into a PhD program right after your undergraduate studies, but that’s only part of it. of the equation. Doctoral applications require several documents, including a personalized statement of purpose for the university and letters of recommendation from your previous mentors who can confirm your potential as a candidate.

One-year programs

Several universities currently offer one-year doctoral programs. For one thing, this format is still unusual in academia and may require extensive research. On the other hand, this makes it possible to avoid writing a thesis or a dissertation. This way you can balance your educational goals with your career.

Some fields of study do not require the writing of a doctoral thesis. For example, you can earn a doctorate in psychology, international education, law, therapy, or nursing without doing a dissertation or dissertation.

Research doctorate without diploma: is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a doctorate without a degree, but it is extremely rare.

When this happens, it’s almost always reserved for very mature people. For example, someone may not be active in academia but have done a lot in their field. This contribution can be made through the work they have done as part of their career, or as part of a long-term study project, which they have done out of personal interest.

Master’s thesis

The master’s thesis is an important research project that spans several semesters. It concludes with a thesis likely to be published. The thesis option is suitable for students who intend to do a doctorate in the future or who wish to work in research-intensive jobs.

In this type of Masters, you will have to carry out basic research under the guidance of an academic advisor and contribute to the body of existing work. You will be asked to present your thesis and defend your work before a panel of three advisers. Of course, a dissertation requires extensive research on a topic, so if you are naturally curious and want to delve deeper into a certain topic, this should be of interest to you.

You may have more funding opportunities

Most PhD students. programs offer partial or full funding to students. Additional external funding opportunities are available for the Ph.D. students and masters students.

The shorter time constraints for a master’s degree make it difficult to set up and manage the long-term projects that may be necessary to successfully answer your research question. Go directly to the doctorate. it makes it possible to carry out in-depth and multi-year projects.

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