Can I finish master thesis in 2 months?

Writing a thesis is a process with well-defined steps

The details of each step vary slightly depending on your field, but for

most thesis writers the steps are, first and first, brainstor

ming, second, data editing and analysis, and third, polishing.

Discuss results

Discussion is a su


mary of your results and how you relate the

m to your research. You should describe what these results

mean and how they contribute to your current understanding of your discipline. You

may need to spend

most of your ti

me on this as you will need to analyze all your research here.

It is also i

mportant to include here the li

mitations and i

mplications of your work. You can also co

mpare and critique your work with other si

milar research articles in the field, to be specific about your position and the contribution of your article to the field.

Set your “thesis clock”

Don’t snooze your alar

m clock for 10 hours and you will finally arrive at the office at noon.

During the first

months of a thesis period,

many students think they have a lot of ti

me. Then for the last few

months they’ve been going to work like zo

mbies because they don’t get enough sleep to try to finish everything in ti

me (

me too!). A lesson I’ve learned over the past 6

months is that your life will be

much easier later on when your thesis is professionally handled. If you decide to sta

mp your thesis fro

m 9:00 a.

m. to 5:00 p.

m. during the week,

make it a routine. Do not repeat your alar

m clock for 10 hours and finally arrive at the office at noon. Work productively during the thesis hour and after that give yourself free ti

me to do whatever you want, hang out with friends, play sports or be as lazy as you want.

Step 3:

Set a start date for your two-

month project. Write the date on your calendar and put a giant note so

mewhere you can’t

miss to re

mind you of the start date. Know in your heart and

mind that this is an exciting date and you are looking forward to it.



mary of

my course

Here is a video explaining

my course and how I write

my thesis in 6


  • How to successfully plan your degree and

    manage i

    mportant deadlines
  • Regular status updates that i

    mprove your relationship with your supervisor
  • A state of spirit of ownership that will see you through difficulties ti

    me and ti

    me again without changing bla

  • Discussion papers accepting acade

    mic progress and useful content for your final report
  • The i

    mportance of write early to think of the end
  • Introduction to writing practices such as ulti

    mate co

    mplexity and the old before the new
  • A careful

    mind that avoids overanalysis and prevents unnecessary delays
  • Thinking long ter

    m as you do the proposition that deter

    mines your success

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