Can I write a master thesis in 10 days?

Writing a dissertation is the cornerstone of a long academic path leading to a master’s degree. Writing it in three years could be a big challenge, let alone finishing it in a week. Students have months to complete this complex essay writing project, but still fail to complete it on time, due to various issues that may hinder them. Despite their best efforts, many students couldn’t even begin writing theses with just a week to go. Are you also facing this issue? Have you ever thought that if you could write 10,000 words a day, you could finish your thesis in a week? Refer to these simple tips from Omani writing experts and start writing:

Break your thesis into defined steps

Writing a thesis is a process with well-defined steps

The details of each step will vary slightly by field, but for most thesis writers, the steps are, first, gathering ideas, second, editing and analyzing data, and third, the finish.


The month of your thesis may be too short to spend enough time in the end on your references. It will be easier if you fill them in as you go. Feel free to use the digital citation tools if it helps you save time here.

Unfortunately, you can’t afford to skip days in between. It is understandable that you lack motivation. But the goal is not to write all day. Instead, keep a writing goal for each day you write a certain number of words or complete part of an article. Focus on what you write rather than how much time you spend writing.

Thesis vs.

Dissertation: Europe

In Europe, the original distinction between thesis and dissertation has been largely maintained. A doctoral dissertation is targeted original research undertaken to obtain a doctorate. A thesis is part of a larger postdoctoral research project.

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