Do I need a degree to do a Masters?

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Guide to get a master’s degree without a bachelor’s degree

While it is true that most universities expect graduate applicants to already have a bachelor’s degree, some universities still consider obtaining a master’s degree. other experiences, such as work experience, instead of a degree. Did you know that only 34% of Americans have a college degree? This leaves a large majority who have not completed a basic degree. And even fewer master it, at 9.2%. If you are one of the many people who do not have a college degree but want to get a college degree, you can. Some universities will take into account your professional experience and certain certificates and/or diplomas that you may have. However, it is important that you do the right research.

Degree Ranking:

Classes Overall Score First Class (1st) 70% + Second Class 2.1 (Upper) 60% + Second Class 2.0 + (Country) Class ( 3a )40%+Fail35% (below)

For international students, a language proficiency test may be required when applying for a UK Masters. There are SELTs and postgraduate language tests that assess a prospective student’s English skills. This test means that you are able to demonstrate that you have sufficient knowledge of English to be able to understand and follow the curriculum and read academic literature in English.

If you come from a country where the education system is controlled in English or if you have already obtained your first degree in a university in the language of instruction in English, you do not need to demonstrate your English proficiency test .

What are you doing for an online master?

Most masters are taught online rather than research masters. An online-taught master’s degree is a learning experience similar to a bachelor’s degree. The course is based on modules and activities that build on each other to become more engaging and challenging as the course progresses. The final assessment is usually a major piece of independent research or a thesis. This article contains more details about what e-learning is.

An academic guides the teachers and sets the deadlines for submitting assignments. Different courses and universities offer different levels of flexibility and time to complete your course. The table below shows the module structure for a full 180-credit master’s programme.


What is a Master? A master’s degree is the most common type of postgraduate degree and involves a more in-depth level of study than a bachelor’s degree. They are designed to focus on a broader content area and can be taught or research-based courses. It is rated at Quality Level 7.

How long will it last? If studied full-time, the MSc will last approximately one to two years. If studied part-time, it will usually take two to four years.

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