How do I write a master thesis topic?

After doing some initial reading, it’s time to start narrowing down the options for your potential topic. This can be a gradual process and should become more precise as you go. For example, from the ideas above, you might describe it as:

  • 20th Century Literature 20th Century Irish Literature Post-War Irish Poetry
  • Economic history European economic history German trade union history
  • Health policy Reproductive health policy Reproductive rights in South America

Combine ideas to create an old concept by looking at an old concept released in a new way.

There aren’t many unexplored ideas left in any professional field, so don’t try to find a topic that hasn’t been covered before. Instead, brainstorm a long list of ideas based on topics you’re interested in or want to learn more about. You can then play around with combining these ideas to create a dissertation topic that stands out from other work in your field. . You can do the same with research published in industry journals or industry association journals. Researchers will often notice that topics related to their work require additional research, and you should add these suggestions to your brainstorming list. You may or may not like these ideas, but they are indicators of trending topics in your field.

Make it relevant

A thesis topic must be relevant in several respects.

On the one hand, it must be related to the student’s specialized field of study to demonstrate applicable knowledge. It should be up to date with industry best practices, relevant to current technological advances, and meaningful to the relevant audience.

The subject must also be in accordance with the philosophy of the student and the thesis supervisor. To carry out this complex project, the student must believe in the subject and be able to exploit it in future work. Also, the faculty member supervising the project must agree with the topic, otherwise it could create a conflict in the process. If a student is passionate about a topic that a lecturer will not approve of, another thesis tutor can be found.

Tip 2: Check if there are multiple header lines

Sometimes the original data file you receive has multiple “header” lines . The following image shows an example spreadsheet with headers in the first two rows.

Before loading data into Intellectus Statistics, you must ensure that your spreadsheet contains a single row of headers (eg row 1) and that all other rows contain data (from line 2). So if your worksheet has multiple header rows, please change them to single header row as below screenshot shown.

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