How long is a PhD without masters?

The reasons for doing a doctorate immediately after a university course are to save time and money. In effect, you will essentially complete a year of study. Another benefit of Instant Ph.D. Enrollment is project availability. If you find a project that really interests you, it is unlikely that it will still be available in a year. Therefore, if you avoid a master’s degree and apply directly for a doctorate, your chances of getting the research project before it is available will increase.

Although a master’s degree adds a year to your academic career, it can greatly contribute to your development and could help you prepare for your doctorate.


As with any doctoral application, it is important to check your eligibility with the universities to which you have chosen to apply. Different institutions have different regulations, and in some cases a master’s degree may be required. Also make sure you have enough evidence in your application to explain why you would be a good PhD student by submitting concrete examples of your work at Masters level. Also, make it clear that you are motivated and committed to contributing to the body of knowledge through innovative and empirical research that requires endurance, hard work, determination, and collaboration.

The first few months can be overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that you’ve been accepted as a PhD student. This confirms that a jury of experts thinks you can achieve such a prestigious title.

How can I get a doctorate without a master’s degree as an international student?

Full-time doctoral programs in the United States last a few years longer than in other countries. Source: Roslan Rahman/AFP

It goes without saying that a good academic reputation will go a long way in getting you into a PhD program right after your undergraduate studies, but that’s only part of it. of the equation. PhD applications require several documents, including a personalized statement of purpose for the university and letters of recommendation from your previous mentors who can confirm your potential as a candidate.

Duration of masters

Masters usually last 2 years, although there are also one-year masters, mainly in the UK.

Most of the bachelor’s degree consists of lectures and coursework, although many master’s programs include an intensive one-semester master’s thesis or capstone project where students put in all they learned together to do basic work.

You may have more funding opportunities

Most PhD students. programs offer partial or full funding to students. Additional external funding opportunities are available for the Ph.D. students and masters students.

The shorter time constraints for a master’s degree make it difficult to set up and manage the long-term projects that may be necessary to successfully answer your research question. Go directly to the doctorate. it makes it possible to carry out in-depth and multi-year projects.

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