How many words is a Masters thesis?

This is often the first time a student has prepared their question for the assignment, and a typical end-of-year project for a bachelor’s degree can be between 6,000 and 10,000 words. Many of the following tips can also be applied at the graduate level.

How long does a dissertation take? Basically, the project is once again a student asking their question, but this time at the master’s level, so a more critical assessment and demonstration of mastery in their area of ​​research is needed. Therefore, the word limit can be up to 20,000 words, but check with your institution for exact limits.

Differences in content and structure

So what is the difference between writing a thesis and writing a thesis?

Now that you know the definitions of thesis and dissertation, let’s dive into some obvious ways the structure differs from other key features.

Maximum word size

In general, there is a maximum word limit for a thesis. In many cases, the word limit for your thesis can be doubled. The reason for this is that the time needed to write a thesis is less than the time needed to do research. This allows a student to spend more time on the former and less time on the latter. Raising the word limit will affect the graduate’s grade, just as rushing the thesis evaluation would.

Students should avoid the temptation to write their thesis in less than 60% of the allotted time. This could lead to a significant reduction in the word count of the master’s thesis. As a result, students may end up with a thesis that lacks strength and depth and is too long and unable to break down the word count of the master’s thesis.


To summarize, we need to look at several issues including the academic subject and protocol and the average duration mentioned. Your teacher will let you know if there are any issues with this. You can also ask him.

Writing a thesis would be below or above average. So follow the rules.

What can you do if you fail your thesis?

Once the thesis has been sent, it will be sent for voting and evaluation. The pass mark for your work, as with all modules and academic work, is 50%. However, if under any circumstances your thesis does not achieve a passing grade, you will have the opportunity to review your work and resubmit a new, updated version.

Despite the possibility of resubmitting your thesis, some important implications will affect you. As rebuilding takes place at the end of the program you are studying, if you are a student studying in the UK on a visa, this may affect you and cause problems.

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