Is a 2.1 Masters degree good?


Universities have been accused of deliberately increasing graduate grades in an effort to maintain their position in the rankings and increase the number of children to attract new students, as it appeared . three-quarters of graduates now obtain a first-class degree or 2.1. The allegations are so serious that the Office for Students has warned it will name and shame universities involved in the practice, amid fears the value of university degrees could be compromised in the long term if top grades become too common. , if employers consider themselves “stupid”.

How many students graduate with a 2.1 degree in the UK?

Again subjective, another way to judge the quality of a rating is by seeing how many people get it. This may be especially true for undergraduate study, even more so than for the early stages of education, as higher education is entirely optional.

This means that students are more likely to be engaged in their subject and more motivated to achieve a better grade. For more information on higher education, see this article Considering a Student.

What is a passport and how do I get one?

A pass is usually the lowest rank you can earn.

If your grade is lower than that, you will fail. A pass is not very attractive to potential employers, so try to raise your grades if you see yourself earning a pass.

To pass, your overall mark should normally be between 50 and 59%. The classification of the degree is similar to that of the master 2.2 in the specialized degree system.

What is the ECTS grade?

The acronym ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. ECTS is a common European assessment framework designed to facilitate academic exchange between EU countries.

The number of EU students choosing to study abroad in other parts of the continent is high and the interpretation of the national assessment system often varies from university to university. the other. Therefore, the need for such a mutual classification system is inevitable.

So what’s the difference between 1st, 2:1, 2:2 and 3rd?

A Student Room website user explains the rating as follows:

  • First Class Honors (a ‘1st’) = Grade A**
  • Second Upper Honors (at ‘2:1’, pronounced de-one) = Grade A*
  • Second Lower Honors (at ‘2:2’, pronounced two-two) = Grade A
  • Third Honors (a 3rd) = Grade B
  • Ordinary Diploma (or Pass) = Grade C

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