Is a Masters better than a Bachelors?

There are many reasons why someone might consider doing a master’s rather than a doctorate in their postgraduate education. These include:

  • It takes about a third of the time of a PhD and costs even less.
  • It’s a good way to differentiate yourself from those who have just graduated without engaging in a significant level of research.
  • The end goal is more career-oriented than research-oriented. For example, it’s an “easier” way to change or advance your career if it aligns with your professional goals.

Three-year degree

What is a three-year degree? A bachelor’s degree is the most common degree level and can be studied immediately after completing high school. It is classified in quality level 6.

How long will it last? A bachelor’s degree usually takes three to four years if studied full-time.

Main areas covered

1. What is a master’s degree – Definition, characteristics 2. What is a three-year degree – Definition, characteristics3. Similarities Between a Master’s and a Bachelor’s Degree – Summary of Common Features4. Difference Between Masters and Bachelors – Comparison of Key Differences

Masters, Bachelors

Marketing is a Secure, Profitable and Growing Career

The field of Marketing is one of one that has continually evolved alongside business and the global economy. But one thing is for sure: it’s not going anywhere, and indeed the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that executive-level marketing jobs are growing at a rate of 6%, nearly double the national average. A marketer will always have several professional opportunities to consider.

Freelancing, joining a respected agency, or starting your own marketing agency – these are all viable options for marketers.

And it’s this choice and total flexibility that makes the field of marketing a great destination for professionals and students of all levels. And for those looking for a quick and affordable entry point into the industry, a four-year degree might not always be the best answer.

Program without thesis

On the other hand, the program without thesis is simpler. It is not necessary to write a thesis. You can enjoy a more focused learning environment. Class sizes tend to be smaller. You may need to take regular tests. There will also be a long list of readers. The curriculum is less rigorous for students intending to enter the working world directly.

Collaborations and internships can often be carried out within the framework of a program with or without thesis. You will be able to gain real-world experience on your course of study. You can read, write and complete essays and tests. You can also complete field experience logs.

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