Is a Masters thesis difficult?

Writing a thesis is like finishing a long marathon: it gives your well-deserved degree some sparkle. In theory, at least. Because in practice it turns out that a thesis is often a stumbling block for students. Sometimes students have no idea what is expected of them and it is increasingly common for them to seek (paid) help from a thesis agency.

Why do students have such difficulty with the final thesis? Amos van Gelderen, professor of languages ​​at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, suggests two things. First of all, graduate programs do not teach their students how to write a thesis. After more than three years, you just have to write it. In addition, the thesis requirements set by programs are often vague and abstract.

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Thesis vs.

Dissertation: Europe

In Europe, the original distinction between thesis and dissertation has been largely maintained. A doctoral dissertation is targeted original research undertaken to obtain a doctorate. A thesis is part of a larger postdoctoral research project.

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Characteristics of master’s thesis versus doctoral thesis

Master’s dissertation-Original and new testing of ideas and hypotheses-Independent work or experience-Demonstrating mastery and understanding of industry techniques and their limitations – In-depth knowledge of the literature – Ability to synthesize and critique the literature for the research topic – Ability to present work in an academic capacity (conference, seminar, recital, advocacy , etc.) Doctoral thesis-All of the above features-New contribution to scientific literature not previously published-Basic research carried out directly by the author (graduate student)-Clear research question/hypothesis with clear (or falsified) answer ) -Advances in methods, observations, interpretation, etc.

So what’s the difference between writing a memoir and writing a memoir?

Differences in Context: Positional Issues

In the United States, all that has been listed before is how schools distinguish between an essay and an essay. Masters students write a thesis and doctoral students write a thesis.

In Europe, the distinction between a thesis and a thesis becomes a little more blurred. Indeed, doctoral programs may require a doctoral thesis to graduate. Then, as part of a larger postgraduate research project, students can produce a thesis.

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