Should I get a 2nd Masters or a PhD?

A master’s degree is designed to teach you the knowledge and skills you will need in your future career. A doctorate or doctorate, on the other hand, is designed to develop your critical thinking, analytical and writing skills and is usually a one-year commitment to independent research on a specific topic. The purpose of a PhD is to prepare you for a career in academic research, although it can also help you enter a variety of other careers and at a higher entry/salary level. In the United States, a master’s degree is integrated into a doctoral program, as a necessary preparatory period involving mainly coursework, while in most other countries, a separate master’s degree is required to enter a doctoral program.

If you want to stand out, go for a PhD: According to the US Census Bureau, 24 million people in the US had a master’s or professional degree in 2019, but only 4.5 million had a doctorate. research by person/doctors. But it’s worth it? And what exactly would the extra effort be? Take a look at the table below to get an idea of ​​the main differences between a master’s and a doctorate.

There are fewer environments that fully utilize the skills of a PhD.

I also think that there are fewer environments that match the professional characteristics of a PhD holder. If you can get an MBA, you can be pretty good at applying your skills in a lot of settings. For example, take a range of courses in many different disciplines at a business school. You will learn finance, strategy, accounting, marketing and operations. This means that you can apply your general knowledge to several areas within a company. Most other information can be found in the message.

On the other hand, a doctor will be an expert in a discipline, such as finance. They will know everything about the price of assets, for example. This means that if they accept a generic job, such as working as a manager in a manufacturing plant, much of the knowledge they have learned about finance is irrelevant. This is fine, of course, and it happens in all degrees, but it may be more true with a doctorate than with other doctorates.

This is why it is very common for doctoral students to travel long distances to find work, or even to take significant pay cuts to use their comparable skills in the workplace. It is also common for business school MBAs to earn more than their professors (this is called salary inversion). The reason for this is that people with doctorates may end up being better able to apply their skills to more relevant work.

Level of specialization

A master’s degree, whether MSc, MRes or MPhil, aims to provide you with targeted knowledge that builds on what you would have learned from your primary degree. Although each type of master’s degree has its own focus, such as a master’s degree in practical knowledge and an MPhil in research skills, the specialization they offer is not as deep as that offered by a doctorate. This is because they have a broader curriculum and generally use many teaching methods, including lectures and tutorials, which provide a range of information on many closely related topics.

Doctorates are the highest form of university degree you can obtain and offer more specialized knowledge than any master’s degree. Unlike master’s degrees, which rely on a combination of teaching methods and curriculum, doctorates are research-only degrees and focus on a specific research question.


A typical master’s program lasts approximately two years full-time. However, there are accelerated programs that can be completed in about a year.

In general, a doctorate requires five to six years of study, teaching and research. However, it can take up to eight or nine years for some students to graduate. With this significant time investment, you need to know if a PhD is right for you before you start.

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When to apply for a new visa? “Extension of a Tier 4 visa”

  • If you wish to apply for a second Masters in the UK, you must apply before your current visa expires. Remember that overstay is a criminal offense and will affect your visa extension.
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