What happens if you fail a class in Masters?

Ideally, you should repeat the course you failed and continue with your degree. Sometimes, however, failing a class can be a sign that you need to change supervisors. Very well then!

It can be frustrating to discover that you are not cut out for a particular subject. But be thankful you found it now, while you’re still in school. It’s so much better than a ten-year career and finding out you hate it.

You may be delaying your graduation

Your graduate program has a certain schedule, and if you take enough units to be full-time, you will be able to graduate on time. However, because you will be repeating the same course next term (or in the future – you do not need to repeat it immediately next term unless it is a prerequisite for another course) or courses you can’t resume to leave. Since this failed course was a prerequisite for another subject, your course stream will be delayed by a semester or two, resulting in a slightly longer delay than expected.

Remember that success is not always measured by your ability to avoid failure, but by your ability to pick yourself up from the failed lesson and try again. No one is intentionally trying to fail college courses, but sometimes the workload and the professor can be so overwhelming that you won’t be able to save your course grade.

You may need to repeat the lesson later.

If you fail a lesson, it’s not the end of the world. You can take it back and pass. But if you don’t pass within a certain amount of time, you have to recover the class (or classes) until they pass.

For example, if I fail a course in my first semester of college and then decide to come back for another year to earn additional credits before majoring in psychology; I have two semesters left until graduation day. In other words:


If your course is required for your specialization and you fail it, you will have to retake it. However, each school’s readmission policies differ. Some colleges limit the number of hours you can repeat. Also, when repeating a lesson, some schools allow the new grade to replace the F, while others merge the scores.

Since college tends to be very competitive, institutions tend to have inadequate class policies. Right off the bat, some schools may consider multiple failures grounds for dismissal, as it could indicate that you don’t take education seriously or aren’t eligible for the major.

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