What happens if you fail your Masters thesis?

At first, many would rather stick their face in the sand than admit failure. For those bold enough to reveal it, the recovery process is quick and soon they are walking with their heads held high. But what are the possible reasons for a thesis failure?

  1. One of the possible reasons is insufficient help from your supervisor. Most professors are too busy and finding time for their students is a nightmare. The result is that the student lacks the necessary support, especially for a technical course.
  2. The student himself may have another reason: the lack of time for his academic studies. Most college and university students are busy with other activities such as work or family. These can reduce the search time, and therefore the failure.
  3. Plagiarism kills many theses. Once you have proven beyond doubt that you have appropriated someone else’s work, failure would be inevitable. At most universities, this is the first thing they look at when you submit your paper.
  4. Others include missing lessons, laziness on the part of the learner, or the inability to access relevant reading sources when researching. All of these and many more are possible reasons for thesis failure.

What made you fail your thesis?

Now that you know that you can fail your thesis, it is even more important to understand which elements you can fail. Some of the items in the list below may cause your thesis to fail and require a new defense. It is important to understand that security requirements may vary from school to school and should be taken into consideration. While some schools allow unlimited defense time, others do not.

Often, certain information will be mandatory to include in your thesis. This essential information may include things like:

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So what’s next?

“What if I fail my thesis?” or “what happens if you don’t submit your thesis” is a common question. Students facing this unfortunate situation will have another chance to resubmit their thesis within a specified time.

Strictly keeping in mind that grades will be kept as low as possible during rebuilding, which is an academic testing method practiced for some reason. Still, that’s good news, better than wondering “what if you fail your thesis?” Even an upgrade would work.

Does it happen that people fail a thesis defense?

Yes, a thesis defense can fail. D., although many colleges struggle to do this on purpose.

What if you don’t pass the thesis discussion?

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