What is a good mark for Masters?

Postgraduate student Martina describes the differences between grades in the UK and what they really mean below. Something that many of our international students find difficult in the first term. To find out more about the courses we offer at Bournemouth University in the UK, visit our website or follow our instagram to learn more about our international students.

My name is Martina Gardeva and I am a Bulgarian postgraduate student in tourism management and marketing. What can be confusing when you go to study in another country is how your projects and exams will be graded and what you need to pass your degree.

All we can say is that you get what you put into anything in life, and a masters degree is no exception. The grade you get will help you get the job you want or the PhD you want.

A degree of Distinction is generally anything that scores 70% or higher. Think of it as the equivalent of a college-level first step. This is usually the highest level of recognition, as well as the hardest to achieve, you can achieve at Mastery level.

A merit grade is usually anything that got 60-69%. Again, this equates to a 2:1 grade at the college level and is the upper middle grade on the scale.

UK grading system:

First (1st): The highest grade you can get. Student has completed more than 70% of the course or assignment.

Almost perfect work. You should be very happy with that. The final grades were…

2:1 (Grade 2 Upper): The student scored between 60% and 69%. The work was of a very good standard, but there was still room for improvement. Relax, smile and relax. You did a good job! You will need to score 2:1 or better if you plan to stay for a masters or postgraduate degree.

What if… scholarships?

Now we know that most jobs are not related to grades. But yes, if you are applying for a scholarship or a doctorate, if they take this factor into account, it does not matter. Many colleges require you to have a B+ to continue your funding. Often, students can be excluded from a scholarship program if they do not achieve the required grade point average.

It may seem difficult, but let’s think about it: you arrive with a previous level of knowledge. It is a MASTER program, you must demonstrate a mastery of the subject, in general a successful thesis means a good score. So yes, grades do matter at the masters level, especially when it comes to financial aid.

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