What is a good salary after Masters?

While some master’s programs will qualify graduates for high salaries, others will do little to increase graduate salaries.

By Elyssa Kirkham At Bank Rates, December 23, 2015 — Earning a master’s degree will definitely pay off. Compared to those with only a bachelor’s degree, earning a master’s degree typically increases earning power by about 20%. The median salary for master’s degree graduates is $1,326 per week, or about $69,000 per year, nearly $12,000 more than the average salary for college graduates of $57,250 per year, according to the data. from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Writing as a Profession

You will find several students with Masters in Creative Writing working in writers’ rooms and other fields. While this degree can be considered a degree that helps students achieve their dreams of becoming an author, the jobs that people seek for an MFA in Creative Writing may not be as sought after as others. The MFA in Creative Writing is just a basic tool for people who want to make their way in the literary industry to some degree.

The great thing is that there are roles not in the literature industry that this degree could be beneficial for. Consider working in a technical capacity where people write manuals and other things for government agencies. Plus, copywriters work for all industries – it’s a great way to do it in a professional capacity.

Writers have flexibility and variety in what they do.

Marketing is a safe, lucrative and growing career

The field of marketing has continually evolved with the business world and the global economy. But one thing is for sure: it’s not going anywhere, and indeed the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that executive-level marketing jobs are growing at a rate of 6%, nearly double the national average. A marketer will always have several professional opportunities to consider. Freelancing, joining a respected agency, or starting your own marketing agency – these are all viable options for marketers.

And it’s this choice and total flexibility that makes the field of marketing a great destination for professionals and students of all levels. And for those looking for a quick and affordable entry point into the industry, a four-year degree might not always be the best answer.

Salary after MS in Canada

According to data on IIE.org, there are no private higher education institutions in Canada, and the total number of institutions audiences is around 250.

Twenty-six of these are ranked among the best in the world, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-17 (2019 data shows 27 universities).

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