Are MBA people happy?

A new survey of MBA students around the world has shown that an MBA will make you happier.’s 2013 MBA Happiness Index surveyed more than 1,100 current students from 12 of the world’s top business schools. Students were asked to rate their happiness on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being extremely unhappy and 10 being extremely happy). They were asked three questions:

A different working model

But it’s not just about flexibility; Most MBAs want to make a positive impact in a job they love. Half of MBA students and graduates said they would like to work in social impact at some point in their career.

‘The emphasis today is on earning an MBA to develop skills and knowledge that will enable graduates to work in a wide range of organizations, including organizations at nonprofits, community groups and startups. -UPS. MBA programs are therefore evolving and include areas such as CSR, responsible leadership and social entrepreneurship,” explains Amalia Di Iorio.


It sounds obvious, but exercise and sleep are often the first things to do when the going gets tough in business school. In addition to naturally boosting your mood, exercise releases chemicals that help you focus, manage stress more effectively, and improve your vitality. These benefits translate to increased focus and productivity, and your academic and professional performance will reflect it.

At the beginning of your program, be honest about the limits you have with parties in your flexible life. Whether it’s family, co-workers, bosses, or friends, remember that it’s okay to say no to some things so you don’t crush them. Talk to people ahead of time so they’ll be more understanding when things come up and know why you’re limited.

Wedding bells? Which B schools produce the most brides?

Love is in the air. And MBAs are not exempt. That’s why has released the B Schools of the Week Chart: Ranking the MBA Programs That Produce the Most Marriage Announcements in the New York Times (we’ve grabbed the latest announcements for MBAs that end up marry of the year. Each weekly report) . The Times, which only profiles the most prolific couples, shortlisted 10 Harvard MBAs so far in 2013. Surprisingly, Wharton matched Harvard’s totals and Ross, the powerhouse of Midwest Michigan, added 4 Of course, the year is young and the laggards look alike with Kellogg’s, Stanford and Yale It’s time to catch up.

For a list of schools that have created The Times wedding pages, feel free to click below. (Because I feel pengyou and highwyre237 will have something to add to this conversation?)

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