Can an MBA be rich?

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Marketing Manager

Listed #1 in sales and marketing jobs by US News and World Report, marketing management is a lucrative career for people who enjoy advertising, customer service and creative vision. . The beauty of this profession is that it is very diverse in terms of the jobs you will be doing. In a typical year, these people will help companies create marketing materials, do design work, build websites, and launch campaigns to bring more business to the company. Other marketing managers work on budgets and staffing contracts, create radio and television advertising campaigns, negotiate advertising contracts, create market research and review completed research studies. Managers should also be aware of the cost of each advertising campaign. This position requires a lot of interaction with colleagues who must be able to work in a team as well as with clients who will always want to stay up to date.

Marketing managers usually start with a degree in marketing or business. However, those who earn an MBA after their initial degree find they have more marketable skills, especially in management, and can receive higher salaries.

Additionally, many managers do internships, especially if they are moving into new industries. Most of these people work in advertising and public relations and some work in information or wholesale trade or are self-employed and hired by clients for specific projects.

Investment banker

An investment banker helps companies and government agencies raise funds in capital markets and provides strategic advice on mergers and other types of transactions financial.

Education An investment banking position generally requires a solid education in an MBA with a focus on finance.

MBA in Human Resource Management

Recently, the position of HR professionals has gained popularity in all industry parallels. Thus, HR professionals can get many job opportunities in IT companies, law firms, advertising companies, retail companies, media houses, newspapers, etc.

HR MBA candidates earn Rs. 603,000 per year. The average annual salary of an MBA HR Manager is Rs. 756,000 and the senior HR manager salary is close to Rs. 1,000,000 per year.

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