Can I become billionaire by MBA?

Harvard Business School has produced the world’s greatest MBA billionaires

For years, one of the game shows Most Popular Ever Who Want to be a Millionaire? The long-running show, which also spawned the hilarious movie Slumdog Millionaire, has captured the imaginations of millions since it aired in syndication in the early 2000s. academic achievements

Some of the most famous people in new technologies have not completed their MBA. In some cases, they even had to modify their studies or reduce their ambitions. Some have not completed their studies at all.

However, there is one constant in all these people: they are big brains. They are considered natural talents in all their fields. This natural talent makes up for the lack of training because, in general, they are also people with a great capacity for learning, a lot of tenacity and faith in their projects.

Petroleum Engineer

  • Average salary: $147,520
  • Growth prospects: 26%
  • (petroleum)


    These types of engineers mainly work in an office or research lab, but also spend time at drilling sites, sometimes for long periods of time. As you can see, the career prospects are really high, well above average.

    Specializations and salaries

    What about normal people, students who practically have to start over, maybe even pay off their loans, before embarking on their journey towards a comfortable life or even a luxury? Which majors should they choose to “bank”, as they say. has compiled information on graduate degrees that could net graduates a few million in their careers: a math major, with job titles such as operations research, earns an average salary of $70,000 with 30 years of income. $8.6 million); IT (IT Manager, $108K, $6.

    3M); human resources (hiring manager, $89,000, $5.2 million); economics (head of investment operations, $143,000, $8.4 million); biology (laboratory director, $85,000, $5 million); engineering (electrical engineering supervisor, $92,000, $5.4 million); marketing (product/brand manager, $92,000, $5.4 million) and English (head of communications, $88,000, $5.2 million).

    Montgomery GI Bill

    The Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB, or Chapter 30) provides assistance to active duty members and veterans. The federal government offers this flexible education assistance program to help you with the costs of continuing your education. You can use the money for college certificates and programs, vocational and technical training, certification and licensing, and on-the-job training. Bill Montgomery covers tuition and fees for up to three years, depending on your choice of school and degree.

    You must have a minimum of two years of active duty to qualify for the Montgomery Act. You must also have an honorable discharge, or a high school diploma or GED when applying for Bill Montgomery. Apply for the Montgomery by completing VA Form 22-1990. You can apply at your school, at the VA, or online.

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