Can I do MBA if I am weak in maths?

“Hello, I was wondering what course I should take to break into investment banking: advanced partial differential equations or quantum field theory. Do you think it would ruin my future if I only learned through multivariate calculus?

Public Relations

Earning a public relations degree is a great way to unlock incredible lifelong earning potential. According to the BLS, public relations professionals earned an average salary of $62,810 per year, or $30.20 per hour, in 2020. This field is in demand and continues to grow, so opportunities for employment will continue to increase for a long time.

Public relations specialists help produce and maintain a favorable public image for their clients. They work in many settings, including nonprofits, schools, businesses, and government agencies. Most obtain their qualifications by pursuing studies in communication.

I hear a lot of kids say, “I don’t think I could be an engineer because I’m not good at math.” But these same guys built graphics, figured out how to progress, and found ways to throw potatoes with incredible force. What they don’t realize is that it took a lot of technical ingenuity to accomplish these tasks. More than the fear of crashing or having a finger pulled off, they fear the “maths” needed to become an engineer.

Of course, a small percentage of graduate engineers will work in an R&D environment that requires advanced math. However, the reality is that the vast majority of graduating engineers will work in industry.

If you look at what they do, day to day, you will find that they must be very good at algebra. You know, y = mx + b stuff like that. Engineers get excited the rare times they use the TAN key on their HP-85 scientific calculator. Due to this type, I want to mark my K+E slide rule with 22 scales.

Can an average student do an MBA?

Yes, an average student can do an MBA. You don’t need a business degree or, in some cases, a college degree, and you don’t need to be an excellent student. You don’t need a business background either, as the course is all about learning management skills that can be used anywhere.

But, if you’re not academically strong, here are some things to consider before enrolling.

You need to develop strong analytical reasoning skills

So you need to learn math for the GMAT? Yes of course. Without a solid understanding of basic math, it will be difficult to improve your GMAT quantum score. But is learning math enough to get a high GMAT quantum score? Probably not. The GMAT uses basic math to create logic-based questions. So, to improve your GMAT quantum score, you will need to be armed with a combination of strong mathematical knowledge and analytical reasoning skills.


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