Can MBA get job easily?

MBA jobs in finance and accounting offer some of the highest average salaries, and CFOs are also benefiting from expected strong job growth. With an MBA in finance, you can work in private equity or investment banking.

Other finance and accounting jobs for MBA graduates include personal finance consultant, management accountant, and account manager. An MBA can help professionals in these roles increase their earning potential and take on more responsibility.

Time commitment: How long is an MBA program?

It’s important to find an MBA program that matches your personal career goals and is flexible enough to fit your schedule. When you think, “How long is an MBA program?” you will find that the answer is often “It depends.” MBA programs can vary in terms of expected completion time; for example, it may depend on a school’s graduation requirements, academic calendar, course delivery format (such as whether it is an online degree or an accelerated program), and other factors, such as whether you are attending the student program full-time or juggling work and family responsibilities while studying. Typically, if you’re following a program designed for adult learners, you can expect to complete an MBA in around 18 months.

National University is one of the best universities in San Diego for working adults seeking a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Dr. Farhang Mossavar-Rahmani, professor of finance and director of the MBA program at National, says his program schedule was specifically created to accommodate the lives of students who might be working and attending school at the same time.


A business school connects you with people around the world at different stages of their lives.

From current entrepreneurs to potential entrepreneurs, you’ll connect with a wide range of people who could become your future business partners.

Courses are often based on group projects, so you will learn how to lead teams and work well with others, as you should normally be able to do in any work environment.

Start honing your skills from the first semester of your MBA. Prepare a copy of your resume and review it with your college advisor. Benefit from the knowledge shared by professors and industry experts who visit your college; ask questions about the different roles and sectors of each industry. Take notes and make changes to your resume and mention the strengths you learned from these lessons. A small number of MBA institutions also produce books containing the resumes of current students to make available to companies looking to hire them. List them as soon as possible so you can take full advantage of recruiting and networking events happening on your campus.

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Civil Service Manager

This is another job well suited for graduates MBA without any work experience. Utility managers work for the government and oversee the operations and maintenance of services such as solid waste management and road construction.

You may also consider working as a compliance officer. These professionals work in a wide variety of industries, including business, marketing, and accounting.

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