Is an MBA a lot of math?

Kapil Bansal (MBA ’20) has always had an affinity for numbers. Today on the blog, we share how Bansal turned a useful hobby into a skill-building lab for his classmates. Darden’s student community is unique. Are you interested in starting a club? No problem! Do you want to organize mental calculation sessions for your classmates? Let’s try!

Although now a Darden graduate, Bansal plans to host a virtual mindfulness workshop this year, sharing this practical skill with other Darden students. For prospective students, Bansal said, “If you are enthusiastic about student-led initiatives and have that entrepreneurial spirit, Darden offers you many assets, including an inspiring community and intellectual capital. Darden is the ideal platform to bring your ideas to life in a risk-free environment.”

University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a a name recognized around the world, a name associated with academic excellence and professional innovation.)

The UCLA Extension Program was created to offer the most successful programs in the university to more students across the country and even around the world. These include an online marketing certificate with a concentration in digital marketing. The program provides a comprehensive introduction to the following areas:

Is the cost of an MBA a major drawback?

You may find MBA programs daunting because of the financial outlay required. Even for meager online MBA degrees, the fees tuition range from US$15,000 to US$45,000 SD. If you miss work, you can also sacrifice a large part of your salary.

One way to combat the cost disadvantage is to have your employer pay for your MBA while keeping you in a full-time job.

Discover our tips for recharging your business. In the United States in particular, financial aid is also available for many MBA programs.

Mathematics during an MBA program

Most MBA programs offer optional specializations. Depending on the area of ​​specialization chosen by the student, the mathematics requirements vary considerably. For example, a student who chooses to focus on finance or business analysis will have significantly more math in their studies than one who focuses on leadership or business law.

Students should therefore consider their career goals and math abilities when choosing a major. For some programs, exposure to undergraduate mathematics may be a good idea. For others, doing it by university calculation is enough.

You were in a situation where the number of applications exploded during an economic downturn. How has the economic crisis affected your work? How has the admissions office adapted?

That was definitely a little crazy! Although the number of applications increased, the number of places in the classes remained the same and it was much more difficult to choose the class. One of the things we considered when reviewing applications was whether or not applicants were applying because they had limited job options or because getting an MBA was part of it. of their larger vision. Logistically, we also had to review more apps, so we had to be really good at managing our time.

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