Is MBA in demand in future?

“A bachelor’s degree only has value if the undergraduate degree is mediocre and the MBA is mediocre,” says Jeffrey Pfeiffer, professor of organizational behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Professor Pfeffer has published on a wide range of topics, but is best known for the industry in which he works: corporate education. He says promoting themselves as a way to get better salaries in the future has made the schools famous. The professor has pointed out over the past decade that the value of a degree is linked to the prestige of an institution rather than what it teaches, but few listen.

MBA in Analytical Intelligence

As more companies rely on computers and data collection to guide their decisions, they will need employees who can study, create and understand big data. An MBA in Information Analytics prepares graduates for a career that captures and analyzes data, helping businesses improve efficiency and results. This particular MBA major can also be completed entirely online at some universities, giving students the opportunity to complete their degree in the shortest possible time.

In addition to a number of core MBA courses, students pursuing an MBA in Analytics will take courses such as:

And finally, do you really need an MBA ?

Graduates and professionals who want to pursue a management program often believe that an MBA will equip them for a CEO position and provide them with a comfortable job. Well, that might have been true a few decades ago, but these stories are more intriguing than they should be. According to a 2017 survey, only 28% of Indian CEOs hold a master’s degree in economics.

Thanks to the rise of the Internet and the ease of access to information, knowledge is no longer a factor of differentiation. Therefore, I expect the demand for MBA to decrease further in the future. Companies will be looking for professionals with applied skills, technical knowledge of SaaS, etc. and related experience.

Best MBA Concentrations According to Industry Trends

Labor specialization has led to an increase in demand for MBA concentrations. Additionally, employers value candidates with industry skills and expertise. However, the demand for the best MBA concentrations varies based on industry trends. When choosing a major, you need to consider salary expectations and industry growth.

GMAC’s 2022 report found that 92% of surveyed recruiters said their company plans to hire new MBA graduates in 2022. Hires in MBA-related hire growth include staffing and manufacturing, with 95% responding and 94% positive recruiters.

Microsoft Outlook

I try to release new products every week, but some of the products I’ve been using for years aren’t getting any favors. I was in the birth of Microsoft Outlook and what made this email client cool was that it didn’t need to exist. There was an Exchange mail client and it closed. But it created a group of developers who mainly work on their Outlook, and it was much better that the Exchange mail client was abandoned.

It is simple, easy to use, reliable and its predictive input has improved considerably this year. It doesn’t crash or interfere, and although I often complain about software and patches, I don’t remember ever complaining about Outlook.

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