Is MBA life fun?

By Robbie Laing, MBA 2022

As I come to the end of my MBA at London Business School, I reflect on the key lessons I learned. These two years were very formative during which I had time to learn and reflect on my strengths, my weaknesses, my interests and my hopes for the future. Here are the top ten things I took away from my MBA.

Are entrepreneurs the happiest?

But here’s a study that skeptics can’t argue with. A 2012 study by professors at Wharton Business School found that there was a strong correlation between happiness and entrepreneurship, even if the business in question hadn’t been particularly successful. The study included 11,000 Wharton MBA graduates, a mixed group that included people working in the banking, consulting and financial services industries. About 20% of respondents have run their own business at some point in their career.

Sure, the results suggested that the more money a person made, the happier they were, but the surprising finding was that MBA graduates who ran their own businesses had higher levels of happiness than those of other professions, regardless of how much money they had. Won: Only 56% of respondents surveyed have made a profit running their own business.

You will learn to present with confidence

There is nothing more intimidating than raising your hand in front of a room full of 89 classmates who are all pissed off and want something you some say “as” as room. It’s a tough, tough room, guys.

In addition to all the skills you can pick up along the way to business school, you’ll learn how to present to a group of awesome colleagues. This will serve you very well in the future, because you will certainly find yourself in such a room further (whether he offers you a job or sits on the board). Convincing smart people of your opinion is essential.

Life Phase 2 – Life of the 1st Year MBA Student

When you enter School B after the hard work of the competition, you enter the fourth Ard.Challenge n x Low motivation.

Top Universities Offering One-Year MBA Programs

  • Johnson School (Cornell University)
  • Kellogg School (Northwestern University)
  • )

  • Goizueta School (Emory University)
  • Marshall School (University of Southern California)
  • HULT International Business School
  • Duke Fuquaag School of Business ( 4) Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business
  • Babson College
  • Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business (University of Pittsburg)
  • Pepperdine Graziiadine School of Business (Pepperdine Graziiadine )

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