What is master thesis in MBA?

Thesis topics must be relevant to the student’s interests. It is important to choose an interesting and unique thesis topic to stand out in the market. We will cover the ten thesis topics one by one: 1) The impact of the banking sector on economic growth

The main objective of choosing this thesis topic is to study and examine the impact of the development of the banking sector on the country’s economy. Banks are the main institution for deposits, withdrawals, investments, etc. in the country. Students who have chosen accounting or banking as their field of specialization can choose this subject for their thesis.

Literature review

After discussing the problem and the research question in the introduction, the master’s thesis will move on to the literature review section. This part of the thesis involves a discussion of current research related to the specific topic and the research question posed. This is not an exhaustive description of the current “literature” on the subject (which would take up too much time and space), but rather a description of the most important, solid research. and the most controversial that have been made on the subject. For the literature review to be useful, it must include research that presents multiple methodologies, perspectives and conflicting opinions.

The literature review will also identify any gaps in the existing literature on the topic of the thesis, including biases, methodological flaws, or failures to address the issue at hand. Once these gaps in existing research have been identified, the researcher can propose how they wish to fill these gaps through their work.

The subject of your master’s thesis is: “Drivers and Barriers to Market Entry for Small Wind Turbines”. Why did you choose this subject?

As engineers, we are not only passionate about technology, but we have also found climate awareness and environmentally justifiable behaviors as a common denominator for us, so we wanted to address this source renewable energy. We want to encourage the widespread craze for micro-wind turbines and in our thesis we asked why decentralized and easily scalable power generation with small wind turbines has not achieved similar market penetration as it does. has always been made for photovoltaic micro-systems. last 20 years.

At a conference, we once looked at the contrast between the marketing strategies of the United States and Europe. As a result, we have noticed that it is in the European culture to develop products very technically and then to advertise with the functionalities put in place. In America, it is common to put more effort into sales than development. At this point, there is no right or wrong, but we make it our goal to look at a subject from a different angle than what we know from our day-to-day business. We chose an existing technical product and wanted to address market entry and marketing strategies for it.


A thesis is a study report/research paper often based on a student project. The dissertation usually takes several semesters and includes at least six course credits, usually spread over a year. Most universities require pre-seminars in business and research methodologies, as the thesis is usually the culmination of the student experience. To select a topic and progress to the final paper, students typically work closely with an advisor or committee.

MBA students could explore a specific concept or element within the industry and publish their findings by writing a thesis. Students gain experience in research, methodology, synthesis, evaluation, and communication as a result of the procedure. After graduation, the finished article serves as a demonstration of these skills to potential employers. The MBA thesis aims to shed new light on concepts or approaches that may suggest alternative business models or implications related to current fields of study.

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