Which field of MBA is best?

You can see statistics on how many companies have visited a particular MBA institution to hire MBA graduates. There are more chances of getting a job in a specialization that has been visited by several companies.

Before choosing a specialization, be sure to carefully analyze the syllabus of each specialization. It helps you choose the most appropriate specialization and develop the necessary skills. Each MBA specialization has its advantages, so choose the best MBA specialization based on your skills and interests. Remember that no matter which specialization you choose, you will have to work hard to excel and become a successful business leader.

Graduate Diploma vs. MBA

Graduate Diploma is a course offered by colleges that are not affiliated with recognized universities. On the other hand, the MBA is only recognized by affiliated universities or colleges. An MBA course tends to be more theoretical while a PGDM focuses on the technical aspects, providing exposure to real business situations, changes and new trends in business management.

The core subjects of both courses i.e. MBA and PGDM are quite similar. However, the MBA program is more focused on technical and theoretical aspects. On the other hand, PGDM courses are more focused on experiential learning in the industry. The MBA program develops the skills required in today’s market and the PGDM course is more useful for students to develop practical marketing skills from an industry perspective.

The MBA program is quite rigid and does not care about industry requirements, while the PGDM is sensitive to changing industry needs, which leads to more flexibility in the program. Thus, they are aligned with the trends of the corporate world and the candidates are much more apt to be prepared by the industry.

Should you major in an MBA concentration?

Getting an MBA major could improve your salary and career prospects. Concentration tracks focus on one area of ​​business, helping prepare you for specialized jobs.

However, obtaining a specialization can have disadvantages. Because a general MBA promotes broad and broadly applicable skills, the degree prepares graduates for a variety of careers across all industries. More specialized paths, such as real estate, health care or information technology, may prevent you from pursuing a career in this sector.


The finance major covers courses in financial markets, portfolio management, foreign securities markets, risk management, and more. An MBA in finance helps students develop skills in financial management, time management, and governance, among others.

The world of marketing and the respective roles are constantly growing. This is why an MBA in Marketing is sought after. This specialized educational path can prepare graduates to work as a chief marketing officer (CMO), brand marketing manager, brand agent and more.

Define your interests

First, do some soul-searching and define your curiosity to its core value. “Why do I want to do this?” and “what do I hope to accomplish through my work?” There are a few questions that can help you find your main interests and choose an MBA major.

You will need to anticipate and keep track of your career and help you make a good decision today.

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