Which is the toughest MBA exam?

Every year more than 3 lakh MBA aspirants apply for the CAT exam to gain admission into the top management institutes in the country. IIMs administer the CAT, a computerized management aptitude test, primarily to assess and select applicants for graduate programs. Moreover, the CAT entrance exam is often considered the most difficult MBA exam among all public and private management exams in India. Here are some reasons why CAT is difficult for many applicants.

MBA is one of the most popular degrees in India and the Common Entrance Test or CAT is the most accepted exam in Indian universities and institutions. Therefore, many students show up for the exam. Additionally, the CAT exam offers students the opportunity to secure a place in the prestigious IIM and other leading colleges. Due to the limited number of places in these colleges, the competition seen in the exam is among the highest of all major exams in India. Admission rates for two-year degree programs, which are the flagships of IIMs, are based solely on merit. CAT exams go through a rigorous selection process that includes personal interviews, written skills tests and interviews, and exam results.

College Scholastic Aptitude Test

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The College Scholastic Aptitude Test (or CSAT) is a standardized test accepted by South Korean universities. It plays an important role in education in South Korea.

It was formalized in 1994 and maintained by the Korea Institute of Curriculum and Assessment. The exam is recommended for its merit factor, efficiency and high international scores.

An important part of CAT | CAT Readiness Strategy | CAT Exam Subjects

CAT is one of the most difficult exams in India and is divided into three main sections. These sections are Verbal Skills, Data Interpretation and Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude. The Verbal Ability and Quantitative Ability sections have approximately 34 questions each. Although there are 32 questions in the DILR section. To know “Is the CAT exam difficult?”, you need to understand the details of each section individually. Here are the sections available for the CAT exam:

  1. Verbal Ability

UPSC Civil Service Exam

The exam is held by the Union Civil Service Commission (UPSC) ) Civil Service Examination (CSE), also known as the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Examination. They are organized for candidates who wish to qualify for vacancies in central government. Many consider this exam to be one of the most difficult in the world.

Over a million candidates take this exam each year, and the entire exam process (from the day you apply to the day you receive your results) takes a full year. In 2022, the UPSC exam will start in June and the final results will be announced in April of the following year.

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